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FractionCalc will perform standard operations on fractions, improper fractions, or mixed numbers. The solutions are returned in either fractional form or decimal. The user can perform a single operation or can enter a series of operations by checking the "Multiple Operations" check box. There is also a decimal-to-fraction and fraction-to-decimal converter. The interface is designed to be in a similar format to the way fractions are taught in school.

Mac OS (68k) Version 1.3.3


Tucows Rating:

Mac OS (PPC) Version 1.3.4


Mac OS X Version 1.3.5


Mac OS X Version 1.3.6

Windows 9x,NT,XP Version 1.3.6

If you are looking for a scientific calculator with fraction support, the source code for FractionCalc is now a part of KoalaCalc by Macropod Software. Thanks to James Doyle for the FractionCalc icon.

Free Space

Free Space allows educators to generate random bingo cards in which the spaces are the answers to vocabulary or math questions. The user can print both the list of questions & answers in addition to printing random bingo cards. Free Space allows you to save your questions and modify them at a later date.

Mac OS X Version 1.1.3
Mac OS X Version 1.1.1

Windows 9x,NT,XP Version 1.1.3

Find more FreeSpace Bingo file examples here


Freesponse is a program that uses a computer lab's shared network directory to simulate what is often referred to as an immediate feedback or student response system. Members of an audience or classroom are prompted for answers to a series of true/false questions. Upon completion, the user or administator can view all of the responses to the questions in the form of a bar chart that can be presented on a projection screen. The source code for this program is included in the zipped file so that it can be adapted or modified as needed. See the program's "Read Me" file for more information.

Mac OS X Version 1.0
Windows 9x, NT, XP Version 1.0




GearTrain calculates the angular velocity of the final driven gear in a gear chain. The user enters the revolutions per minute and direction of the first driver gear along with information about the number of teeth of each gear in the series. The program will output the RPM and direction of the final driven gear in the gear train. The program can also calculate the linear velocity using a variety of metric and standard units. It was designed as a tool for educators and students wishing to learn or check calculations for a gear chain in a Technology Education or Robotics program.

Mac OS X Version 1.0.3
Windows 9x,NT,XP Version 1.0.3



Geometry is a calculator which uses many of the formulas found in geometry. The program will calculate surface area and volume of a variety of geometric figures such as prisms, cone, sphere, pyramids, torus and cylinder. The software will perform calculations involving the pythagorean theorem, sine, cosine, tangent, special triangles, regular polygons, circles, arcs, triangles, squares, rectangles, distance, slope, midpoint, Trigonometry, and coordinate geometry. The interface includes drawings of each scenario and the formulas involved in the calculation.

DOS Version 1.0

Tucows Rating :

Mac OS (68k) Version 2.8


Mac OS (PPC) Version 2.8


Mac OS X Version 1.8.2


Mac OS X Version 1.8.3
(Compatible with Lion/Mountain Lion)
Mac OS X Version 1.8.4 (Compatible with Catalina/Big Sur)

Windows 9x,NT,XP Version 2.8.2
View an interactive Quicktime Tutorial



MousetrapCar is a very simple program that allows students to experiment with various axle and wheel diameters to either maximize the distance or meet specific distance requirements during the design of mousetrap powered vehicles in a Technology Education classroom.

Mac OS X Version 1.0


Windows 9x,NT,XP Version 1.0



TeacherTool allows students or teachers to calculate one or a series of scores keeping track of the class average as well as the number of A's, B's, C's, D's and F's. The software features a customizable grading scale and calculates either by number missed or by the number correct.

Mac OS (68k) Version 1.1


Tucows Rating:

Mac OS (PPC) Version 1.1


Mac OS X Version 1.2.1


Mac OS X Version 1.2.3
(Compatible with Catalina)
Windows 11 Version 1.2.2



If anyone is interested in a trying out a Linux version of any of these softwares, please contact me.


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